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On Judgment, Part I

I hate judgmental people. They’re so nasty, huffing around with their blue-nosed moralism and squint-eyed contempt, telling others they’re bad or wrong.

Why do these horrible people have to be so moronic and mean? Rigid doctrines and rankling denigrations pump from their pie-holes like hot sludge. How wicked they are, how unforgivingly, unforgivably wrong.

These heartless hard-asses deserve to rounded up, splattered with boiling tar, taunted by spluttering mobs, water-boarded by rough commandos and finally plunged into the sizzling shit-spangled depths of Gehenna.

Stinking sanctimonious ass-hats! I hate those judgmental people almost as much as I hate hypocrites.

I hate irony, too.

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